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Ever wonder how a septic system works?

  • A house sewer line carries waste to the septic tank.

  • A septic tank then allows the solids to settle and remain in the tank while the liquids flow into the leaching system.

  • As of 2000, all septic tanks have been constructed with outlet baffle filters. The filters must be cleaned at the time of septic tank pumping. Filters may require more repeat cleaning if they clog frequently.

  • Distribution piping which leads effluent from the tank.

  • A liquid distribution box may be used to uniformly distribute effluent through the leaching system.

  • A leaching system may consist of a leaching field, trenches, leaching pits (dry wells), beds or galleries which help purify the effluent by filtration through the soil.

Go green!

Did you know that by cleaning your septic tank you preserve and protect the quality of ground and surface waters on your property, your neighborhood, and your town?

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